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"Lessons From The Miracle Doctors" is quite simply the best book ever written on complementary health. It clearly, concisely, and eloquently lays out a simple step-by-step program that anyone can use to prevent and, yes, even reverse most of the major diseases we face today. I know this is true because I have personally seen many of the people who have experienced these very same results.
                        - Dr. Aris Awaitan

Jon Barron's work has to be the most exciting and groundbreaking contribution to knowledge in the history of the fight against human illness and the suffering it brings.
                        - Dr. Leonard Marinovich

Jon Barron is probably the greatest mind in alternative health today.

                        - Dr. Roy Brabham


- In step-by-step detail, how to optimize your health.

- How to find relief from catastrophic illness for yourself and your loved ones, regardless of the disease or its causes.

- The Baseline of Health program is designed to empower your own body to throw off illnesses and keep the illnesses from returning. Variations of this program have proven so effective that hundreds of thousands of people have experienced remarkable healings from following it.

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